MODRN STUDIO is the embodiment of a vision that took root in the most unexpected of places – childhood memories of a curious and rebellious soul who would eagerly await her grandmother's return from work. Those playful moments with my grandmother’s stethoscope held the blueprint for my future as a nurse.


Los Angeles or bust – that was my mantra after studying pre-med at Xavier University of Louisiana and spending 5 years as a nurse in my hometown (Houston, TX). Although I loved the impact I had on my patients, the scrubs had to go. I realized traditional scrubs didn't cater to someone like me. So, I started sketching designs on my days off from work at my mom’s house. Mid 2017, I took a trip to a large fabric store in downtown Houston, and in December of that year I finished the very first sample. I was excited to see that I could bring my vision to life, but I knew Los Angeles was the place to make it all happen.

I left my job to become a travel nurse, and landed my first assignment in Vermont. It wasn’t LA, but it set things in motion. After a stop in Sacramento, I finally made it to Los Angeles ready to bring my brand to life. Working closely with local suppliers and hands-on in garment production was exactly how I envisioned the brand taking shape. The inception of MODRN STUDIO® was unconventional and unexpected, but looking back, I couldn’t have planned it any better.


Years were dedicated to finding the perfect fabric, ideal fit, and distinctive designs. MODRN STUDIO® was born – modern scrubs for the modern RN and anyone embracing this essential attire.

The story doesn’t end there. In the hustle of nurses' lives, I discovered another missing piece – self-care. Our line expanded beyond scrubs to include versatile activewear, athleisure and cozy lounge attire, designed to meet the multifaceted needs of a life in motion. When I’m not in scrubs, I’m in sweats and activewear, so why not share that with the world as well? At MODRN STUDIO, there is something to offer everyone, not just nurses or people in healthcare.

At MODRN STUDIO®, we’re here to make every day a bit more comfortable, a touch more stylish, and a lot more about you. Our commitment to premium quality and elevated design ensures you experience luxury, uncompromising performance and embrace a brave, bold and progressive sense of style that celebrates you.