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Founder's Message

My experience of being a nurse roots back to my childhood where I grew up watching my grandmother come home from work in her white scrubs. I would get excited to play with her stethoscope not realizing that I was preparing myself for my career ahead. I love my job as a travel nurse as it is my mission to serve others. I am constantly moving and spend 12-hour shifts in uniform. My scrubs didn’t give me the style, functionality, and comfort that I needed and they definitely didn’t have the best fit for my curves. I quickly realized that the scrubs I had in my closet weren’t designed with me in mind. After years of frustration with this dilemma and wearing scrubs I didn’t love because they were all that were available, I was determined to change the narrative for nurses like me. I searched for a couple of years for the right fabric for comfort and style. 

As healthcare professionals, we are focused on serving others and often forget to take care of ourselves and eventually fall victim to burnout. I plan to change that so that we look and feel great on and off-shift. As I began to build out my vision for medical apparel, I realized that I’m probably not the only one facing these issues, from there, MODRN STUDIO was birthed. I didn’t take the traditional nursing route which I thought was not only slightly rebellious but a bit modern, hence, the term MOD RN, the perfect depiction of my brand. Here, we bring a modern flair to a dated industry all while keeping the idea of work-life balance in mind. Whether on or off shift, we’ve got you covered.